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As the Clock Ticks on Libor, the Market Looks to SOFR

Libor, the world’s most important number, is going away in 2021. However, banks and corporates have been slow to move away from the rate. In this podcast, sponsored by Invesco, Laurie Brignac, CIO of Invesco’s Global Liquidity business, presents a plan for transitioning away from Libor to a new alternative reference rate in the U.S., the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR). 

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The opinions expressed are those of Laurie Brignac are based on current market conditions and subject to change. Her opinion may differ from those of other Invesco investment professionals. Invesco Advisers, Inc. is an investment adviser. It provides investment advisory services and does not sell securities. Invesco Advisers is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Invesco Ltd. Invesco and its entities are not directly affiliated with the Association of Financial Professionals. NA5234

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