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China and India Are Huge Emerging Markets. So Why Must America Focus On Both?

Relations between China and Donald Trump are off to a rocky start. But Anja Manuel, a former special assistant at the U.S. Department of State, believes we need to dial back the rhetoric – and India could be the key. In this edition of AFP Conversations, Manuel explains to treasurers and CFOs what’s at stake in the world’s two biggest emerging markets.

Guest Bio:

Anja Manuel

portrait of anja manuel

Anja Manuel is Co-Founder and Partner along with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, in RiceHadleyGates LLC, a strategic consulting firm. The firm assists CEOs and senior executives at major companies – many of them in Silicon Valley – to expand their businesses and meet regulatory challenges in key international markets including China, Europe, India, Russia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Ms. Manuel is also a Lecturer in the International Policy Studies Program at Stanford University where she designed and teaches a course on US Foreign Policy in Asia.

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