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Helen Kane: How Should Treasury and Finance Hedge in a Rising Rate Environment?

Helen Kane is widely known and respected in the treasury and finance industry for her expertise on hedge program management and derivative accounting. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Kane discusses hedging and how it’s changed since she founded her company, Hedge Trackers, in 2000.

Kane notes that interest rates are rising for the first time in years, presenting a new challenge to many treasury and finance professionals.

Guest Bio:

Helen Kane

Helen Kane founded Hedge Trackers, LLC in April 2000. Her duties include monitoring FASB/IASB pronouncements, overseeing auditor and SEC responses, and consulting on complex derivative accounting applications. Additionally, Ms. Kane chairs both the East and West Coast annual Accounting for Derivatives Conferences.

Before Hedge Trackers, Ms. Kane was a Senior Manager at Deloitte & Touche in the Capital Markets Group, leading their Silicon Valley risk management practice. Prior to Deloitte, she served in treasury, finance and accounting roles for multinational corporations.

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