AFP Conversations Podcast


Nathaniel Wuerffel: The Libor Deadline is Here. What’s Your Transition Plan?

LIBOR is set to be discontinued by the end of this year, and it’s important that corporates are ready for the transition. Libor is written into over 220 trillion dollars in contracts around the world. Most of those are set to mature before mid-2023. That being said, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee has estimated that about a third won't mature by that timeframe.

In this edition of the AFP Conversations Podcast, Tom Hunt director of Treasury and Payments Services at AFP, speaks with Nathaniel Wuerffel, a Senior Vice President in the Markets Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Deputy Head of MOMA—the open market trading desk—for Domestic Markets.

Listen in as Nathaniel recommends actions you can take both before year-end and before mid-2023.


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