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Salim Ismail: How Exponential Finance Will Transform the Way We Work

Technology strategist, best-selling author and AFP 2017 speaker Salim Ismail explains why some organizations are growing exponentially rather than in a traditional linear fashion. These exponential organizations grow 10 times faster than their traditional peers -- and they will have a dramatic impact on finance and treasury and finance teams.

Guest Bio:

Salim Ismail

portrait of salim ismail

Best-Selling Author of Exponential Organizations, a former Executive Director at Singularity University, and Former Vice President of Yahoo!

Salim Ismail is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations, a sought-after technology strategist, and a renowned entrepreneur with ties to Yahoo!. Google, and Singularity University. He consults with governments and the world’s top Fortune 500 companies on innovation and growth, and his work has been featured in premier media outlets like the New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, WIRED, Vogue, and the BBC

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