Executive Guides

Money Fund Reform: The Broader Implications
Underwritten by Allspring Global Investments

The 2022 AFP Executive Guide: Money Fund Reform: The Broader Implications, underwritten by Allspring Global Investments, identifies the likely effects of the various SEC proposals to help treasurers prepare for possible change.

A Treasurer’s Guide to Centralization
Underwritten by Standard Chartered

In the 2022 AFP Executive Guide: A Treasurer’s Guide to Centralization, find illustrative case studies to help understand cost control, operational efficiency and treasury digitalization leading to the main takeaways: a three-step route to optimization.  

Managing the LIBOR Transition
Underwritten by ION Treasury

LIBOR will cease to be calculated for most settings at the end of 2021. This means organizations with exposure to LIBOR, in both financial and commercial contracts, will have to move to a new reference rate.

Virtual Accounts Management
Underwritten by J.P. Morgan

With organizations more focused on cash than ever before, finance is under pressure to operate as efficiently as possible. To that end, virtual accounts are an available technology that has helped organizations use cash and working capital with greater functionality.

Rethinking Bank Relationships in a Dynamic Environment
Underwritten by CIT

Banks are stepping up to meet the changing needs of treasury teams. This Executive Guide explores how the relationships between treasury departments and their banking partners are evolving in the COVID-19 world.

Emerging Technologies Part 2: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Underwritten by Kyriba

Treasury and finance executives are being forced to evaluate how emerging technologies can enhance their operations. The second part of this Executive Guide explores artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Emerging Technologies Part 1: Robotic Process Automation
Underwritten by Kyriba

This Executive Guide, which explores why and how emerging technologies are reshaping finance, will be released in two parts. The first section looks at robotic process automation and how treasury departments are applying it to improve their processes.

Is KYC Technology Resonating with Treasury?

The latest Executive Guide looks at some of the most prominent KYC technology out there and attempts to gauge what it will take for it to truly resonate with treasury professionals.

Operating Regional Treasury Centers
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

This AFP Executive guide outlines the factors organizations need to consider when establishing and structuring a regional treasury center. 

Treasury's Impact on the Financial Statements
Underwritten by Chatham Financial

This guide outlines how treasurers are playing a more proactive role at their organizations, and how treasury practitioners generate value and impact the bottom line. 

Investment Strategy and Policy
Underwritten by J.P. Morgan Asset Management

This guide has been written to help treasury practitioners develop an investment policy that permits the adoption of an investment approach, which reflects the company’s various different tolerances for risk.

Global Transaction Banking
Underwritten by BNP Paribas

This guide aims to help treasury practitioners navigate the process of initiating and managing a good set of bank relationships.

Capital Structure: Striking the Right Balance
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters

This guide has been designed to support practitioners in achieving the right balance between the use of debt and equity to fund their organizations.

Netting, Pooling & In-House Banking

Netting and cash pooling techniques have changed over recent years as banks have altered their propositions, regulations have been liberalized, and technology has enhanced the benefits of these approaches.

CTC Guide to Global Treasury Structures

Treasury is facing increased pressure to support global business as companies look for growth outside the US and Europe. This guide will explore how treasury is restruct

CTC Guide to Treasury Metrics

Treasury metrics are hard to find. Only 50% of companies measure their treasury's performance according to AFP research.