FP&A Guides

AFP FP&A Guide: Get Your Data Right
Underwritten by Workday

The 2022 AFP FP&A Guide: Get Your Data Right, underwritten by Workday, presents six case studies that show how others have addressed common data challenges of creating consistency and clarity out of the multiple sources, varieties and tools in the data value chain. The guide creates a progression through the critical steps in the digital transformation process.   

The Transition from Accounting to FP&A

For those interested in transitioning their careers from accounting to FP&A, the 2022 FP&A Guide: The Transition from Accounting to FP&A, lays out the differences and steps needed to make the change. Learn what it takes to transition and how there are many skills needed to make it successful. 

Becoming a Value-focused Finance Organization
Underwritten by Workday

The finance organization has been in flux for decades, striving to expand its role from financial control to a business advisor who adds value through quantitative and strategic acumen. This guide presents several pathways to address these challenges as articulated by global finance thought leaders. 

AFP Guide to Financial Modeling and Model Supervision
Underwritten by Board

Finance leaders depend on modeling for a variety of needs including financial reporting, performance analysis, capital planning and budgeting, and M&A. Models can be a means to better align the entire work process with our overall corporate objectives and, at the same time, lower enterprise risk.

Scenario Planning
Underwritten by Workday

Scenario planning is a complementary tool to budgeting and forecasting, based on the recognition that multiple outcomes are possible. This guide presents practical, actionable steps to integrate scenario planning into your overall planning process.

Career Pathing

Old advice about career advancement won’t work in tomorrow’s volatile business landscape. FP&A practitioners need a career strategy that is agile, flexible and adaptable. The AFP Guide to Career Pathing will show you how to build an effective career plan.

Increasing FP&A's Effectiveness by Integrating Risk Management

FP&A is naturally connected to risk management, as it already addresses volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Recent trends in risk management also bring FP&A and risk closer together. AFP's latest FP&A Guide looks at how FP&A can improve its craft by incorporating risk management principles.

AFP Guide to Implementing a Planning System: Part 2, Selecting the Software

After gaining support for a planning system implementation, you are ready to select the software. In Part 2 of this series, we cover how to structure the process, understand the interactions among the various players, and negotiate the contract.

AFP Guide to Implementing a Planning System: Part 1, Laying the Groundwork
Underwritten by Adaptive Insights

The first in a series on technology change, this guide focuses on the planning and reporting system, which is foundational to FP&A’s mission of supporting business decisions by deploying resources to the most efficient use. 

The FP&A Maturity Model

The AFP Maturity Model 2.1 presents the tools and activities of FP&A mapped against Foundational, Emergent or Leading Practices states. See where you stand in modeling, planning and forecast development, data planning or business partnering.

How FP&A Can Become a Better Business Partner
Underwritten by Workiva

FP&A is increasingly recognized as a true business partner. This guide examines each of the building blocks FP&A needs to construct a strong business partnership.

Integrative Intelligence
Underwritten by Microsoft

Integrative Intelligence is the act of defining work, disseminating it among a collaborative and fluid team, then re-aggregating it to drive decisions. It is a change in the way that work is accomplished in several aspects. Discover the trends that are driving Integrated Intelligence.

Leveraging Business Statistics: Use Cases for Finance
Underwritten by Workiva

The power of statistics is the ability to understand the world and make meaning from the increasing piles of data that accumulate around us.  In this guide, underwritten by Workiva, we asked FP&A and finance professionals to identify the statistical tools that are most overlooked or misused; then, we asked them to explain these tools and how they benefit professionals.

Your Roadmap to the Future of Finance

New macro forces are creating new capabilities resulting in new models for work. To succeed, you need to master key dimensions of FP&A.

Making Excel Work for FP&A
Underwritten by Vena Solutions

There have been advances in Excel in recent years that many financial professionals may not know about. AFP's new FP&A Guide examines those recent advances, along with add-ins and third-party solutions/offerings, to help you get the most out of this ubiquitous application.

Planning in the Age of Volatility
Underwritten by Workiva

There are myriad ways that volatility can impact a business. This guide examines how FP&A can prepare for volatility, and react quickly when it occurs.

How FP&A Can Develop Effective Presentations
Underwritten by Workiva

Presentations are a key cog in the FP&A department’s overall communication plan. This guide explores tactics that FP&A can use for delivering effective presentations, both to other business units, and to upper management and the board of directors.

Building an Integrated Business Planning Capability
Underwritten by Anaplan

Financial planning and analysis plays a unique role in the organization, facilitating the deployment of capital to its highest use among internal and external constituents. This guide examines integrated planning and its role in FP&A. 

AFP Guide to Zero-Based Budgeting 2.0

There’s a new brand of zero-based budgeting (ZBB) out there. It’s at once more strategic and more targeted.

AFP Guide to Big Data

The use of big data in finance is not a question of whether but of when. Discover how Providence Health & Services and Payless ShoesSource are adopting big data strategies to help support smarter business decisions

AFP Guide to Driver-Based Modeling

Driver-based modeling links business drivers to financial outcomes, allowing FP&A teams to come up with more accurate forecasts and drive better decisions.

AFP Guide to Addressing the FP&A Talent Gap

FP&A chiefs are facing a gap between the talents they need to move finance to it's next level and what they seem to find in the market place.

AFP Guide to Implementing a Rolling Forecast

The world moves faster and the economy has become less predictable. In such an environment, companies are realizing that traditional fiscal year-end forecasts have become less useful.

AFP Guide to Improving Analytics

Analytics tools for FP&A professionals are more precise than ever.

AFP Guide to Shortening the Budget Cycle
Sponsored by Workiva

The traditional budgeting process is losing traction. Companies realize that a 12-month budget does not mesh with today’s dynamic environment.

AFP Guide to FP&A Organizational Structures
Sponsored by Workiva

This guide explores the various approaches to an FP&A organizational structure.

AFP Guide to Demystifying Risk-Adjusted Forecasting
Sponsored by Workiva

By incorporating a wide range of assumptions, risk-adjusted forecasting can provide companies with a greater understanding of potential risks and mitigation strategies.

AFP Guide to Making Capital Allocation Decisions

With companies sitting on vast reserves of cash, capital allocation decisions will have a big impact on individual company performances in particular and on economic growth more broadly.

AFP Guide to FP&A Systems

This FP&A guide explores the trends that are driving system development and emerging software capabilities, from cloud computing to mobile access.